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But as long as you have a solution to a problem, you can make it work. How did he build an empire 3 times over?

  • An Inside Look – Jason Capital – Bedros Keuilian.
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  • Jason Capital Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Affair & Girlfriend.

All 3 times he had a problem, he knew others had the same problem, and he came up with a solution for that problem. Jason wanted to play college basketball, so he went out and worked his ass off to get better.

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  7. Then he stopped playing basketball and lost his passion for it. Instead, he realized that he was really good at teaching young guys how to date. He began an online dating course, and the rest is history.

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    Distracted entrepreneurs are bad entrepreneurs. Want to hear more from Jason and me? Everyone wants to make money. No one knows how to keep it. Seek Out Mentors The quick fix to complacency is to network with people who are better than you. Access Token is not valid or has expired. Imagine if you had that same attitude towards mastering your communication skill. Towards increasing your bank account. Where would you be right now? Think about it for a second, this small exercise could literally be the difference between two completely different versions of you in years.

    Did you get it?

    You know what I like more than dope silk suits via Dolce and Gabana? I make a study of winners. And not people who won once or twice, flashes in the pan. People who win consistently over multiple decades, Lifers. Listen very closely because I'm gonna share a little secret with you.. When you first meet someone anyone they'll usually have a tendency to reveal all the amazing things about themselves, and hey why not?

    Jason Capital (@jasoncapital) | Instagram photos, videos, highlights and stories

    We all enjoy being admired on some level. Do NOT allow yourself to simply be bought at first glance.. I implore you to see whats behind the curtain. Its easy to put on a facade and impress people for a short period of time, but no one can keep that up for long. When things get rough, people have a way of revealing themselves, and THAT is a much more accurate indication of what someone is really like. Spend 4 seasons with someone and THEN you'll really know who they are. Super-successful people don't hang.

    They're busy dominating their path. Besides, hanging is tiring. Like I was telling a really successful friend of mine last night, "Doing nothing is exhausting. We've been failing and screwing up things since the moment we're we were born.

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    4. Think about it, when you first learned to walked, you stumbled and tried to find your balance. You didn't think to yourself, "oh damn, well I suck at walking so I'm just gonna crawl for the rest of my life. Living with an open heart is hard.

      Jason Capital Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Affair & Girlfriend

      But avoiding the intensity of life sounds way, way worse. Give to me all, I wanna taste everything. You CAN make money work for you. And at this point it's become almost second nature to me.