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  1. Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry
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  4. 1D Preferences #190: You hook up with one of the other boys after a fight... (PART 1)

You turn from the window as a groan comes from the hallway. You chuckle once he emerges into the living room. And I love you. He pulls you into him as he takes a bite of overly syruped waffle. You chuckle slightly as the excess syrup runs down his chin, taking a napkin to clean him up before trying to break away. I have to go.

You press a kiss to his forehead and his grip loosens. You start a shower, pulling your hair up; you had no time to wash it this morning. You sit in front of the vanity, trying to figure out what look you were going to go for today. After three attempts to get both winged lines perfect on your eyelids, the clock reminds you to hurry.

Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry

You hurry into the closet, pulling out a tank top and a flannel. Your closet was cluttered with his things as well. You housed his things so he never had to bring anything when he came to visit. You pull the least expensive of the two on, walking over to the full length mirror to make sure everything was in place.

You nod at your reflection before grabbing your sunglasses from the dresser and heading out of the bedroom with not much time to make it to town. The girls across the street liven up when they see you emerge from the house. You make it four steps down the stone path to the road before the door opens up behind you and the girls get a little louder. You stop your movement to the car, turning around to face him. He leans in, pressing a kiss to your lips.

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You can hear the girls across the street practically screaming at his actions. He pulls away shooting you a wink, and you shake your head. He shrugs his shoulders, the smile still present on his face. He smacks your butt playfully as you begin to walk away. He loved to fuel the relationship rumors with you, but his actions were usually subtle.

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  • 1D Preferences #191: You hook up with one of the other boys after a fight... (PART 2);
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He was obviously over subtle. He is holding his wrapped arm up as if you needed a reminder. You were ready for this argument. He was never one to turn down a ride, not even if the outcome meant another wrap for his broken hand. The stares all around you are evident and you know that this is bringing him unwanted attention. He rolls his eyes and follows after you. They stand around, looking at one another, unsure of what they had just seen.

Yes, the two of you had just had a very pubic argument, but whose side would they choose?

One Direction Preferences ♡

They loved Liam, or at least the ones there that were fans were. This also meant though that they had seen his Instagram picture of the two of you earlier in the day with the promise you had mentioned in the caption. They had to take your side. He scoffs and hurries to your side. More eyes fell on you. Wonderful, another crowd to entertain. You heard the doctor say it. After screwing up the last three, I just thought that maybe you actually meant it this time.

Stunned looks on their faces as they all slowly put their phones back down by their sides. You turn to the smiling face beside you, pressing a playful kiss to the cheek of the guy that was latched around you. You rest your head on his chest, both your arms tightening around his torso. You laugh and grip him tighter. It really was great having Mason here, having some sort of connection to back home with you on the road.

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You had been away for a while. Mason had been around for longer than you could remember. He had lived across the street from you when you were younger, and since the two of you were the only kids in the neighborhood you connected quickly. You were also so thankful that he and Niall got on as well as they did. You though that if you stayed out of sight of the camera, Louis might calm down slightly. It was something you admired. Louis laughed at the sight of you on the floor and apologized while shaking his head.

Seatbelts and car seats were made for a reason after all. He had his sunglasses on, but his eyes were beaming in disbelief.

1D Preferences #190: You hook up with one of the other boys after a fight... (PART 1)

You started with just the head, sucking on it and hollowing out your cheeks to make it tighter, no space between your warm wet gums and his member. He knew he should concentrate on the road, but you were making it nearly impossible. He had no idea you had this in you, this side of you and he was not going to complain about it at all. Licking your lips, you looked up at him and nodded with a sweet laugh.

It sounded painful almost, but when you did release him and look up, you could tell it was everything, but. It seemed every time you and Zayn saw one another again, this was the inevitable outcome. Your back pressed hard against a wall and his breath coating the side of your neck while he tried to work his way into you, ripping only the article of clothing off that needed removing. You had been friends for years, but the connection seemed to have grown the older you both got. One hand between your legs, he moved closer up the skirt of your dress and fisted your black underwear to the side.

With his index finger he stroked it once, twice, and then once more before smirking to himself. His growing mound was concealed, but you could tell it was growing tighter and tighter against the fabric and needed release.

Zayn removed his finger from inside you and offered it to your mouth while he unzipped his pants, freeing himself and moved your legs further apart, just slightly, and wrestled his way inside you. The boys teased him that he might start worshiping it soon or try to eat his breakfast cereal off of it.

Ever since Harry had realized that it was a giant mistake to confide in Louis and Zayn that he had had been having dreams about it. He decided from now on to keep it to himself, but it was the morning of his birthday and you had told him the day was all about him. You had presents tucked away in your suitcase for him and a surprise party planned with the help of his sister, but he just wanted some alone time with you. He said you two could go get breakfast after, but for now he just wanted to lie in bed with you.

However, lying in bed with Harry, even if you were watching television, almost always turned into ardent and animalistic sex. He had both hands on your behind while he moved a little bit faster, shorter and sharper thrusts, and he watched as you looked over your shoulder back at him. This is my favorite position to have you in.

They should have been ripped by now considering how hard Harry was starting to go. It was just something he fantasized about…a lot. Harry worked his way up to it, slowing down his pace and taking more considerate strokes, longer but shallower. He took a deep breath and gripped your hip with one hand while reaching under with the other to rub your clit furiously with three fingers. He grunted before pushing himself all the way in, your head moving back and hair flying as you tensed up around his cock.