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Dark Souls Remastered Weapon Matchmaking Explained
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R for me yet. I have a plan to do an SL10 run with the Gravelord Sword, and will try to record relevant parts. This will serve as my build template baseline. The second they snatch it, they open themselves up to a world of hurt. Upper Londo is pretty dead at SL40 though. What Shadeon said, so fitting that it comes in a mimic.

Double troll by the DEV, sweet serendipity gone wrong. Is this how it is in Dark Souls 3? Can anyone confirm findings for the pyromancy flame? By the way despite the potential benefits of this system, miracles like Gravelord greatsword dance and wrath of the gods are still devastating at mid-low level areas like the depths and lower undead burg.

I can still find regular opportunities to be summoned for early bosses. Pyromancy Flame Weapon Level is 1: Ascended Pyromancy Flame is always Weapon Level Pretty sure it works the same way. All hale the resident mage returns!!

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What up homey, been wondering when you would conjure up. Is there other "unique" catalyst besides the Crystal? View my other posts. May 27, at May 28, at June 1, at Not sure why I was having such different experiences though, I only played Friday night and Saturday night, which I would assume to have around the same amount of people online. Maybe something else I've missed. Thanks for the information though, now I won't have to avoid the Black Knights in my next playthrough: You probably just had a bit of bad luck with the matchmaking. That or we're wrong about how it works.

It could've been a whole lot of things I think. But even at WL15 and WAY too high level for my areas I've only beat Seath out of the endgame bosses and I'm already over level 90, and I still see a crapton of signs anytime I go human and am near a boss. So your story kind of doesn't make sense, statistically, though I'm not saying it didn't actually happen. Man all this does is make people do dark magic spam. Their "fix" didn't actually fix anything, because you can still twink if you want. All it did was mess with matchmaking which also affects co-op. It also most likely screwed over Darkmoon too because Darkmoon can't punish twinks if they have a low WL.

You basically have to become a Darkmoon twink to punish the twinks. When just starting out I'd rather be invaded by a Dragon Form twink than a player with a maxed top-tier pvp weapon. If you look at the data, you'll see that weapon matching is very loose. It's not going to mess with matchmaking except for the most extreme situations.

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So just go ahead an make a Darkmoon twink if that's your thing. Doesnt really change it that much. Makes life easier in some ways since you dont even have to kill 4kings now. The game just came out. Just by Dark Souls' very nature, I don't think you can kill twinking.

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It will change form, maybe it will be less extreme than it was in the original which was pretty extreme, I admit , but I'm not sure the implemented solution is good enough to justify the problems it causes for co-op summoning. It also caused a plethora of problems for legit players too. Took them, what, three DLCs to add a ring that stops soul gain and only in online mode?

Looking over the numbers, this is way more fair and reasonable than I think most people were fearing. There's still a topic stickied saying "weapon matchmaking is implemented in the worst way possible", but I don't think this is a reasonable conclusion. There are some downsides to having more-limited matchmaking requirements, but this basically just keeps unupgraded players apart from highly upgraded players.

Dark Souls Remastered: Weapon Matchmaking Co-Op and Invasions

The ranges in the middle are pretty generous. It dials back twinking a bit, while not "ruining" co-op by any stretch. There's always potential for more details we haven't found yet that'll make us hate it more, but I'm strongly leaning towards the negative reaction being a complete and total overreaction from the community. The only people being burned by this are people who are doing SL1-ish runs and trying to aggressively twink for a major advantage, and feeling burned when having fully-upgraded gear isn't working out for them.

The biggest concern for non-twinks was getting bumped into a "tier" that would ruin your co-op potential. And also, with the game being as non-linear as it is. How do you get everyone on the same page when people can approach the Darkroot Garden or Catacombs at radically different parts of their game? Well, it's looking like it's not that big of a concern when you look at how generous the ranges are when you're anywhere remotely near the middle. People approaching the Catacombs at very different parts of the game already hampered co-op availability to begin with, but it's hard to picture WL making it even worse when WL will naturally correspond to those level range ballparks and is 'loose enough' to not make a big problem.

High-leveled characters with unupgraded gear, and low-level characters with maxed out gear will have issues, but those are at the extreme ends.

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Not only will basically no one fit into those groups by accident, but those who do it on purpose will quickly learn to adapt to the new system. Plus you also have the password summons on top that, making this a non-issue if you're trying to pair with a friend. Yes, twinking will still happen, but it's not a binary issue. There is such a thing as twinking being worse and more prevalent , and this is very likely steering the game away from that.

I'll be happy to admit I'm wrong if I'm not considering something that hasn't been brought to light yet, but I'm going to say that this is a distinct improvement over the base game. WL is better than not having it. This may be a controversial opinion, but I think this change does well to combat against twinking against undead burg because it also make counter-twinks much more viable. If you're running through burg, you're most likely WL0 and WL5.

It is very common to see twinks at WL5 to get at the WL0s. This means you have access to all weapons other than ascended pyro flame and infusions. And the window to counter-counter-twink from above you is much smaller at only WL12 - WL My issue with it not that I even own the remaster yet? And sure I could just choose to not upgrade it but that's a nonsensical decision. With WL15 you can match with people down to WL9. You'll probably start seeing people around Quelaag or Sen's.

Summon Range Calculator | Dark Souls Wiki

So far as I've noticed when co-oping with a friend. SL doesn't matter at all. So I grabbed a black knight sword and got it to 5 instantly. Now we can play together, but I cant do any other co-op because I'm too high WL for my area. Nope, it doesn't affect matchmaking in the slightest. The game doesn't even track your max armor upgrade in the current version.

One of the reasons why DS1 twinking was so horrifying was because their maxed out armor meant you're figuratively chipping away health. Not just for the testing, but responding to all these questions as well. It is very much appreciated. I thought buying this crystal weapon broke my char. Now I don't need to remake! Before the remastered I always used this tool to help me calculate the coop.

This also means a -4? Yeah, it looks like WL is completely independent from SL, though, which is nice. It makes the chart easy. If you have a WL10 that you turned into a boss soul weapon then started upgrading that, will you still be WL10 max or is that considered WL11? However, the boss weapon itself will be WL5.

Dark Souls Remastered Weapon Matchmaking Guide

This means that if you get a character to WL5 you can mule it the boss weapon and it will stay WL5. Have to be careful not to pick up weapons like the lightning spear or occult club but passing something like the lifehunt scythe or quelagg's furysword down to a low SL character would probably terrify new people in the burg. So the optimal invasion WL would be 9 from what your table shows and your research. So black knight sword plus two would most likely be one of the best PvP weapons for twinks due to the incredible AR. Otherwise it would be difficult to find another weapon with such great power at said WL.