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If I thought it was expensive then how do young Latvians afford to go? Latvia and Riga great for a holiday but I wont be going on the gay scene again, its a complete let down! I live in UK and I'm coming fi Riga, my Latvian friends are helping me to learn to ski in the mountains.

I'm hoping I might find a gay ski instructor and maybe make friends while I'm there If you can help or give any advance I like to hear from you.. Thanks Richard you can email me richardluxmoore gmail.

Meetups in Riga

Mature 50 Gay-fun in Riga in ! Connect first meeting for a drink. Absolute discretion guaranteed, formal dress code suit and tie , classic manager looks. Feel free to connect before visiting by email: I'm going to Latvia Letonia in Spanish next week. You said Golden is the most interesting place, would yo give the address please?

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I need an invitation code for conect in the Gay. How can i get this code? Went to Golden on my first night and it was amazing! Friendly staff and even more friendly men! Drinks prices are very reasonable and music is brilliant. Went to XXL the second night. Drink prices were more expensive than Golden and the men there seemed on the hunt for a 'man for the night' constantly. Sorry guys, if you think Riga is a catholic city, we can't believe anything you tell us. One can only assume you have never been there. I'm 25 years old and was thinking about going to the sauna Varaviksne and club XXL on april 7th in the evening.

Is there anything going on? I was thinking about going to the sauna Varaviksne on June 7th in the evening. Am I going to have fun? I'll be in Riga in June 6th and 7th. Any suggestions as I'll be in town on a Monday and Tuesday night? I'm a young and nice Canadian. Purvs doesnt exist anymore thanks god for that and Golden is litle more popular than XXL at the moment. I've talked with some one named chris or is it kriss?

This is a nice website perhaps you could remove the first comment on here as it is very unfriendly?

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I am not from Riga, but I know there is a place called Golden bar. It is a mixed place, but mostly gay. Never been ther, though. You should correct your comment about Riga not being as Catholic as Vilnius. The Slavic population is Orthodox. This says nothing about acutal church attendance which is quite low.

The best place to meet latvian girls? - Riga Forum - TripAdvisor

The Riga Pride parade, the first successful gay pride march in Riga Riga's gay and gay-friendly venues: Reply Jul 19th, Empty place with old dudes. Reply May 5th, The security didnt react, so avoid visiting this depressive place Reply Apr 24th, Reply Dec 6th, Reply Sep 19th, Reply Jun 23rd, So with the above description it might seem Riga is paradise on earth for the single man looking for a beautiful and intelligent wife.

And there are in fact plenty of nice Latvian women who would love to meet a western husband. However for most western men Latvia is primarily a party town. This is a great place to go if you are looking for a little casual fun.

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One of the main thing you need to be careful of when out on the town in Riga is the rip off bars. These are bars that have been specifically set up to rip off foreigners by over charging for drinks. The setup usually goes as follows, hot Latvian women usually Russian Latvian asks you to join her at a near by bar.

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Prices at said bar far exceed what you would normally pay for drinks. Typically you should expect to pay about 3 euros for a pint of beer. If the cost is getting up to around 7 euro then chances are you have found your way into a rip off joint. The problem is that the women in Latvian are approachable enough that having a model-looking beauty approach you out of the blue will not raise any alarm bells.

If you were in the United States and model looking blonde asked you if you would like to go for a drink you would probably be suspicious, in Latvian such things seem normal. The one other thing you will want to watch out for are bar fights. Latvian males are pretty traditional in their outlook and not afraid to brawl.

Host to countless stag party vacations and guys looking to hook up with a Baltic beauty Riga definitely attracts a certain type of male tourist. Because of the cheapness of the flights, the hotness of the local women and the cheap beer, during tourist season, Riga plays host to hordes of Englishmen visiting the city for stag nights.

You can avoid the worst of this by visiting the city during the off peak season where the stag parties are not quite so prevalent. Of course if you are looking for a fun place to visit with your own male friends you will probably find it difficult to select a better place than Riga as it is perfectly setup to accommodate male groups looking for a good time.

Riga hook up

One interesting fact about Latvia that will surely interest any male visitor is as follows: There are statistically more women than men in Latvia and what is more these women tend to be more sexually promiscuous. In the famous Schmitt study Latvian women were found to have one of the highest levels of what is called socio sexuality out of the 48 countries surveyed.

The bottom line is if you are looking to get laid easily then your chances are better in Latvia than almost anywhere else in the world. When you combine that with how hot women are in Riga you have a recipe for a very nice holiday. To make the best of your own Riga vacation you want to make sure that you book accomidations near the center of the city.

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A single room in Riga will run you about 15 euros a night. Riga tends to be relatively inexpensive and so your money should go far provided you stick to the right places. Charlie Morton Last Updated: Riga Women — What to Expect The women in Riga are simply stunning, and while there are plenty of blondes, if your taste runs more to brunette or red heads you will find those in Riga too.