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I think you should tell him everything you just told us.


That hes making you feel this way with his actions. Tell him that it hurts you when he claims that you dont consider his feeling when in fact, he may not even be considering yours. To be honest I am guilty of "manipulating" loved ones like this. But its not on purpose I often get too caught up with my own feelings to realize that I'm a jackass to her. I know this could be a little too late to reply to. How is your relationship going so far with your ESFP? I can only say that perhaps he is doing that because he is putting his own feelings above everyone else's - this happens because from what i observed about one esfp that I know is that they like to do things for others even if the motive could be that they have a personal gain out of it and keep the flow of the moment going with as much experience and fun as possible.

So they tend to shy away somewhat if you offer them with help as they recognize the process of doing more for you than you doing more for them. The exception to this is that when someone shows a willingness in their actions -- silent or not -- of helping them, they gladly accept it because it gradually intergrates as a part of their life. But if someone were to offer them help upfront it will be awkward to them. I will explain why as I go along Although they are good at demanding for things and finding ways to gain attention, they have difficulty explaining what their real problem is and what could be the consequences and potential solutions.

ISTJ Weaknesses

The reason for this is that for them, the 'obvious' is that of being happy, happy and more happy -- to make each day worth living. In fact, I actually believe deep in my heart that being content is more important than relying on happiness all the time because no one can really be happy all the time. Genuinely happy, that is. ESFPs bring the best out of people in a contrasting manner -- they bring out the part of you that just accepts that you can be happy right here right now and not take yourself too seriously.

Since they hardly question the complexities of life you can imagine what they go through. They may overlook the consequences of their actions and tend to be too accepting of people to the extent that they will easily be defeated in a debate or a point someone has made especially if it's a strong point.

They try to avoid complicating matters because it may reach conflict point. So when they are defending their sadness or feelings, you have to try to comprehend that when they do this, it is because they take it for what it is: They will assume that people are wrong and they are right in how they feel, even though that may not be the truth about people.

They won't stop to assess their actions towards you if it had come off as rude and ignorant because they don't know how to make sense out of their feelings but they are feeling it through and through. They wear it on their sleeves and will let you know they don't give a crap and want to be left to their own devices. Arguing with you about it too much will cause them pain because they hate conflict.

You are just expected to understand the obviousness that they constantly see and experience everyday. Having said that, it might help if you encourage them to safely oppose your point of views in an argument. Let them not feel bad if they disagree with you and have to make a strong point in return. I am not suggesting at all that you do exactly what they want you to do. I don't know your boyfriend so I don't know his intentions or anything so you will of course deal with that accordingly.

However, try this technique: What could be the trouble with me? In the course of it, I also agree with Talon that you will tell him exactly what you told us. Let him know it's a two-way street and you are hurting in this too. ESFPs would do themselves a favor if they would come to realize that criticism can be looked at constructively, rather than destructively.

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If they can hear criticism without feeling personally threatened, the ESFP will have come a very long way towards greatly improving the strength and health of their relationships. ESFPs are extremely literal and concrete when communicating. They say things in a very direct, abrupt manner, and can sometimes even unintentionally seem quite harsh. They like things to be communicated to them in a similar, concrete fashion.

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They dislike theory and abstraction, and will frequently misunderstand the jist of a communication if it is not communicated in a factual, present-tense manner. Discussions regarding the future or the past are not the ESFP's strong suit, and in fact they're likely to miscontrue future-looking statements as something that needs immediate attention. When they discover that the discussion is not regarding an immediate concern, they become disinterested. ESFPs are in general very warm and giving people, with simple needs and demands from their partners.

ISTJ Relationship Compatibility With Other Personality Types

They just want to be happy, and want to bring happiness to others. They are energetic and popular individuals who will liven up the social life of the couple, and keep many new experiences on the horizon. How did we arrive at this? Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

They are warm and affectionate parents, and are great for giving practical care to their children. They like to do things in a Big way, and enjoy big families.

ISTJ Relationships

The ESFP will freely give love and affection to their children, but they frequently have a problem with defining a structured, orderly environment for them, and they may rely on their mates in this regard. Ultimately, the ESFP likely believes that too much structure is not a healthy thing for anyone, and so they're unlikely to enforce a highly structured or disciplined environment. If this trait is strongly present in the ESFP, and is not counteracted by their mate's perspective, it could be considered a potential pitfall for the ESFP parent.

Children need some structure which can be depended upon as they grow up. The ESFP is very practical and concrete in their daily needs, and are usually quite good at taking care of their children's daily needs. Although their approach to life is frequently "ad-lib", and their lives are almost always extremely full of exciting events, the ESFP is very good at juggling many things at once, which makes them especially good at handling the various issues which come up in a large family. ESFPs tend to have difficulty with the authoritarian role, preferring to be their children's friend.

However, they do expect to be given respect and to be obeyed when necessary, and will fall into the role of parental authoritarian at times. This can be frustrating for some children, especially those with strong Judging tendencies, as they will not know what to expect from their ESFP parent.

ESFPs are usually remembered fondly by their children for being fun-loving, upbeat, and affectionate, although somewhat scattered. They are usually very popular, because people are naturally drawn towards them. They get such genuine delight and enjoyment from experiences which they encounter in life, and they love nothing better than to draw a crowd of people along with them for the sheer fun of it. ESFPs try to turn every day into a party, and they're usually successful at doing so.

ESFPs are highly valued for their ability to have a good time, and for their genuine warmth and interest towards people.