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Other courtship signals I probably missed for lack of recognition and speed of performance. Mallards, which are commonly seen and easily observed, have several body signals used in courtship and mating.

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Some last but a second. Males will hold their breasts clear of the water with neck stretched. They will swim with their head close to the water after raising wingtips, head and tail. Drake mallards, sometimes more than one, will swim in circles around a female, occasionally dipping their bill into the water and splashing toward the hen.

There can be brief nasal sounds and whistles. Females also have enticing displays.

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The hen might swim with her neck stretched before her, head on the water. This also can be a solicitation for the male to mount. Other tactics include nodding, bill flicking and rapid quacks. A research paper from Stanford University, the source for much of this information, said that female mallards will use these tactics to provoke fights between competing males. She thus can measure fitness of a possible mate.

The display tactics of ducks can sometimes be misread, causing mixed results. Ducks will interbreed, producing hybrids.

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Mallards and American black ducks, with close resemblance, interbreed more often than other duck species. The have distinctly different courtship displays, however, which makes communication clear and hybrids rare. Consider the strutting of a wild turkey, tail and wings flared. Red-winged blackbirds call with wings spread and red shoulder patches flared.

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Yellow-headed blackbirds fly with their heads held high, better to see the yellow. Demonstration of skill is another way to woo a potential mate.

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  7. In many songbird species the male brings food to the female in ritualistic courtship feeding. I am a good provider.

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    Egrets and herons raise their head feathers. House wrens quiver their wings.

    Sometimes, male and female quiver their wings together, a bonding ritual. Western grebes make elaborate courtship movements with heads and long necks. This can culminate in the birds making their famous upright rush across the water.

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