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Himself 1 episode, Tony Boldi Himself 1 episode, Christopher Brooks Himself 1 episode, Suzanne Sumner Ferry Herself 1 episode, Shawn Fordham Matchmaker - Himself 1 episode, Jacque Gonzales Herself 1 episode, Chris Leary Himself 1 episode, Viviana Leo Student Actress 1 episode, Jon Mullich Himself 1 episode, Maitely Weismann Maitely 1 episode, Kysha Woods Hair stylist make -up artist Friend 1 episode, Harold Jean Wright Friend - Himself 1 episode, Chris Blair Matchmaker Himself 1 episode, Z.

Cover Story

Soren asks for a volunteer to set off the Formidi-Bomb, reminding them that the bomb will go off seconds after being made. This task falls on Jesse's shoulders. Unfortunately, due to the bomb not reaching the Command Block keeping it alive, the Wither Storm reforms, having split apart to make three Wither Storms, forcing everyone to flee. The group is forced to flee the new Storms. They then encounter Ivor, who wants to fix his mistake and offers a solution: The group possibly without Axel, Lukas and the sick member goes to Ivor's house, where they learn that the story of the Ender Dragon battle that made the Order famous wasn't entirely true: Soren just used the Command Block to glitch the Ender Dragon out of existence.

Ivor left the Order in disgust and summoned the Wither Storm to show the world that the Order are frauds. Despite this shocking truth, Jesse constructs the weapon which, with the unwitting help of the Endermen, they use to enter the Wither Storm and destroy the Command Block, though Reuben is fatally wounded in the process and dies shortly after. One week later, as the world praises the new heroes, Jesse makes a memorial to Reuben and convinces Gabriel, who is now cured same with Petra , to either tell the truth about the Order's past or continue keeping it a secret.

Either way, Jesse and their friends are then made the famous New Order of the Stone. Three months later, the New Order goes, on a tip from Ivor, to a temple where they discover a mysterious enchanted flint and steel. Outside the temple, they're accosted by Aiden, who usurped Lukas as the new leader of the Ocelots now going by the "Blaze Rods" and is bitter towards the fame the New Order has attained, though they manage to chase him and his lackeys away.

Back in town, the group shows their found loot to Ivor, who reveals the enchanted flint and steel to be the key to the Eversource, a source of unlimited building power. Returning to the temple, Jesse, Petra, Lukas and Ivor find a portal, which Jesse activates with the flint and steel. Unfortunately, the Blaze Rods surprise them and enter the portal first.

Episode -- Choose Your Story App Review

Pursuing them, the group ends up in a sky dimension, where they have to build a bridge with dirt. They come to Sky City, a metropolis island in the clouds, where building is strictly regulated by the town's stern Founder. Unluckily for the group, Aiden gets to the Founder first and tricks her into turning the whole town against the Order. Though Ivor and Lukas are captured, Petra is saved by Milo, a barman and the leader of an underground resistance called Build Club Jesse's decisions choose who he goes with.

They are quickly reunited, and soon find the Eversource, revealed to be a chicken which lays spawn eggs. The group is then attacked by the Founder and Aiden, only for him to betray her and knock her, Jesse and possibly Lukas over the side. They land safely on land below, which is surprising to the Founder, as she thought there was nothing but an abyss.

She and Jesse Lukas will sit this out, feeling weak from fighting Aiden in the palace build a tower back to Sky City, which is now overrun with monsters Aiden summoned from spawn eggs laid by the Eversource chicken.

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Though Jesse defeats Aiden and his cronies, the city is lost and the remaining townsfolk get into a waterfall and flow safely down to the land below. After deciding what to do with Aiden and the Eversource and how the new government should be run, Jesse and the group use a portal they and the Founder discovered while building the tower to return home, only to find themselves in a corridor filled with portals.

After entering one of the portals, Jesse, Lukas, Petra and Ivor end up in a world very similar to their own, except there are two moons, and everything appears swampy. After reading an invitation and escaping a massive horde of zombies, they end up in the mansion of other invitees, who end up to be five well-known Minecraft YouTubers: TorqueDawg and Cassie Rose. They are revealed to be just as oblivious to this place as the New Order, since portraits of the YouTubers and the Order somehow appeared in the house. While meeting Sparklez and TorqueDawg, all lights go out and TorqueDawg is mysteriously killed by a trap with poisoned arrows.

The two, along with Stampy, who then reveals that he had an enchanted flint and steel , prove that Cassie Rose was the White Pumpkin, who then accidentally sets off one of her own traps and dies. Jesse, Petra, Ivor, and Lukas peacefully depart with the remaining Youtubers. The New Order walks over to an unlit portal frame, and attempt to use the flint and steel on it, and open another portal back to their home. Though the flint and steel had the power to send them back to their world, it is revealed that the portal was a trap from Rose, who was not dead.

Back in the portal hallway, Petra, who is bitter towards Jesse for leading to nowhere in multiple worlds and portals, flees into a redstone portal, concluding that redstone meant "smart people".

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Jesse, Lukas and Ivor, having no choice, follow her into the portal. Upon arrival, they are taken hostage by a population of players controlled with redstone chips by the mad artificial intelligence computer screen PAMA Prototype: Autonomous Management Agent , who was created by redstone user Harper but, against Harper's will, controlled the population in order to "make them useful". Jesse and Ivor escape PAMA with the help of Harper, who shows them her laboratory, where she reveals that she is an "old builder".

Through a stroke of luck, Jesse manages to destroy the redstone chips controlling some spiders, and either Lukas or Petra. Eventually, after solving Harper's puzzle, Jesse finds the headset, and wears it. It allows Jesse to take control over and migrate into PAMA-controlled mobs, all while in the laboratory. Eventually finding Harper being captured by PAMA, Jesse is able to free her, only for her to be recaptured, but finds out from her that PAMA's internal redstone heart is supposed to be destroyed. Harper accompanies the group to the portal hallway, where she unlocks a stairway with the redstone heart leading to where the 'Old Builders' live, who might be able to help them find their way home, via a "Portal Atlas".

Arriving at the Old Builder's village, the five accidentally interrupt a game of "spleef" hosted by the Old Builders; Hadrian, Mevia and Otto. Lukas and either Ivor or Petra whoever Jesse doesn't choose to help are seemingly killed, but respawn to be sent to the Nether mines, where other losers of the Old Builder's games are sent. Jesse strikes a deal with Hadrian: In the village, Harper explains to Jesse that Hadrian and Mevia began to force players from other worlds to play the games — they would only be free if they won the games, which was virtually rigged.

After freeing Lukas and his other companion from the mines, Jesse successfully completes the second game, despite Hadrian sending the green team to eliminate Jesse. Harper convinces sympathetic Old Builder Otto to help Jesse. Hadrian reveals to Jesse that he kept Olivia and Axel captive using the Atlas, and makes another deal: Otherwise, everyone stays imprisoned. The next day, on the third task, Jesse eventually convinces the other teams to cooperate and rebel against Hadrian and Mevia by all winning. Otto accepts this victory, but Hadrian and Mevia trap him and most players in obsidian, and kills Jesse.

He respawns in the respawn area, where Emily, leader of the green team, Olivia, Axel, Petra, Lukas, Harper, and Ivor have stolen items for Jesse, including the armor of "Tim", a made-up character by Hadrian in order to inspire the others to continue playing , to defeat the Old Builders. The plan is successful, and they eventually receive the Atlas from Otto. Back in the Portal Hallway, Otto plans to work on making the games fun again. Harper and Emily either return home, stay in the games, or leave with the Order Jesse's suggestion , and the Order of the Stone return home.

There, after Jesse shows Axel and Olivia their new artifacts, Ivor takes the enchanted flint and steel and the Atlas, in which Jesse and the others go after. One year after the events of Season 1, Lukas narrates a novel about Jesse and their friends' adventures and their popularity. As he finishes, Jesse, Axel, and Olivia provide feedback for the novel. Along with Radar, Jesse's new assistant, they leave the Order's palace to prepare for Founding Day celebrations throughout the world.

A Dating Story

Radar stays with Jesse to help with various tasks in Beacontown, while the others leave for their respective cities. Afterwards, Jesse heads to the mines to meet Petra, who has been sent to find a mysterious creature by Stella, the leader of a rivaling city, "Champion City", who has Petra's golden sword. In the mines, Jesse and Petra fight off zombies, then race through the mine shaft to find the creature, which turns out to be a "treasure-sniffing" llama named Lluna. They capture the llama, and also find a strange gauntlet on top of a pyramid that whispers Jesse's name.

As Jesse reaches for it, the gauntlet clamps to his hand and the pyramid collapses, revealing a bottomless pit. They close off the pit and escape. Back on the surface, Jesse leaves a warning sign, and they head to Champion City to take Lluna to Stella. The two meet Stella and give Lluna back to her as she informs Petra that the "adventure" was a scam and doesn't return the sword.

The two decide to steal the sword back.

Once they reach Stella's treasure room, they find that the sword is missing. Stella shows up, and accepts defeat after inadvertently revealing she's a fan of Jesse, and gives the sword back.

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  8. As they head back to Beacontown, the bottomless pit blows open and spews out charged creepers, and they fight them off before sealing it again. They head straight to Beacontown to meet Jack, a former treasure hunter. Jack talks to Jesse about the gauntlet, and introduces them to Nurm, Jack's map-maker.

    The four get some armor from the Order's palace, and head to an ocean temple. As they travel, Jack informs them how the ocean monument is run by "the Admin", a being of infinite power.

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