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While there are a myriad of questions, the biggest problem I find is how to open a conversation with someone you've never met. Do you try and be funny?

The 5 BEST First Date Questions

Or do you try and show the person you've matched with that you're just nice and normal and definitely not a sexual deviant looking for late-night booty? I assure you it's not easy, delivering a good icebreaker takes skill and panache - whether you're a man or a woman. Here are 18 brilliant Happn icebreakers that will have you laughing, cringing, and sometimes doing both at the same time Nothing like a bit of political humour to get things going.

Or take a page out of Keats' book and woo them with poetry. I'm not sure Andrew quite has the sexy chat up lines down just yet. So after seeing some brilliant and not so brilliant examples of the Happn icebreakers at work, do you think you can craft a classy opening line? While I've definitely taken some inspiration from these love-hunting hopefuls, I'm still not convinced you can beat a casual "Hey" or the always endearing, "If you were having a dinner party, and you could invite five famous people alive or dead , who would you pick?

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If words aren't your thing though, some people have been using music to communicate on Happn, and it seems to be working quite well. Share 64 Talk 0. The grandiose approach 3. Sometimes you just have a feeling Sometimes they go down a treat 5. Handle with caution 7. This one is garbage 8. Talking about gifts just feels good. Fashion can be a fun topic that girls may be surprised to hear you bring up. Plus, bygone fashion trends just make for some entertaining conversations. If she seems to be into you , now is a good time to ask her out for ice cream.

Some of them are just fun questions that any age can appreciate, and others are geared towards more mature discussions. Know your audience, and choose wisely. This question opens up endless answer possibilities about ages as well as unique personal experiences and memories. The timeless question — love or money? Gain some perspective from someone with life experience.

Being willing to admit and learn from mistakes shows maturity. Just make sure you have an answer to contribute to the conversation. Adults often have very eclectic music tastes, and you might learn about your new favorite record.

81 Ice Breaker Questions – Quickly spark great conversations.

One solid laugh can lead to a lifetime of more. These funny questions to ask set a fun, uplifting mood that makes it easier to connect on a deeper level later. Humor unites all types of people. Use these questions when you just feel like being goofy and sharing some laughs.

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Would you rather questions are awesome because they make conversation effortless. Simply choose one answer or the other, and state your reasoning.

35 of the Best Ice-Breaking Questions for a First Date | Your Brilliance

These questions are much more versatile than you might think. You can use them for surface-level conversation to pass the time, or you can turn the answers into fiery debates. After all, sometimes defending your answer is where things get most interesting.

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From slumber parties to after-parties, truth or dare questions never go out of style. The game has spawned countless memories and stories that quickly turn into legend. It should go without saying, but always be truthful and fulfill your dares within reason, of course.


These deep questions to ask are usually saved for after you know a someone, but not super well. Because these questions cover heavier topics, we recommend using them sparingly. Remember to be a good listener and contribute to the discussion. After all, a good conversation goes both ways. Sharing wisdom helps both of you to grow as people.

This question lets you reminisce about the good old days. Out of all social situations, solid good icebreaker questions are most crucial on that first date. Having some clutch first date questions up your sleeve is a must for keeping your lucky company entertained. After all, nobody likes to sit in silence.

63 Icebreaker Questions For Adults – Fun and unexpected questions.

Take a deep breath, and use these questions only when necessary. This is a great way to find out about her interests without prying. Try to come up with a second date based on her answer. Here is a downloadable list of ice breaker questions right click the image and select Save Image As…:. Check out these other questions to ask:. Approaching someone new takes guts.

Someone has to do it, so it might as well be you. Your goal is to break the ice, not shatter, mince, and melt it. Plant a seed, not a tree. Breaking the ice with a new date and with her parents are two totally different ballgames. These ice breakers are for inviting someone to join a conversation, not an interrogation.